My Smart Hands with Braydi

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DSCN3745Braydi was first introduced to American Sign Language (ASL) when she had
her son Nikolai in 2012. She researched the benefits of baby sign and
quickly registered for a My Smart Hands group here in Red Deer. Nikolai
was only four months old when they started practicing ASL at  home and
Braydi could not believe how much her son enjoyed when she would sign to
him. Nikolai was always watching her hand movements and quickly began
recognizing the signs for “milk”, “bath” and “dad”.

Braydi has had such an interest in sign language since starting with her
son she knew she wanted to continue learning more and also teach other
parents and children the awesome benefits of ASL. She completed her ASL
courses and is now a certified instructor for My Smart Hands.

Braydi has a passion for children and loves to see the joy on their faces
when a child learns and then eventually masters new skills.
She is thrilled to offer My Smart Hands baby signing classes in Red Deer!
You will find that all of her classes are engaging, fun and a great way to
meet other parents. You will be astonished by the opportunities that sign
language can open up for you and your child. Just imagine being able to
communicate with your infant before they can even speak!!